Fort Processor synth - fully built circuit, Green version

from Isn'tses

Fully built synth - original Green version, discount price!

* PLEASE NOTE that this green version is made using the original PCBs. We have found some spares and are selling these at a discounted price. The circuit sounds the same as the later black versions but it has some extra wires and modifications so it might not look so neat. *

The Fort Processor is a touch and light controlled synthesiser and audio effect circuit designed by Isn’tses for Fort Process festival 2018. The event is held at Newhaven Fort on the Sussex coast, and Isn’tses have based the design and artwork of the instrument on the layout of the site, with inspiration from the surrounding landscape and ocean.

The circuit consists of:

• A section which distorts and octave-divides incoming audio (eg from a radio, walkman, mp3, synth etc)
• Squarewave oscillators controlled by touching the metallic drawings across the centre of the circuitboard with fingers, and also by a light sensor (best played using flashing/colour-changing lights or moving shadows)
• A chopper/ring-modulator which rhythmically slices between the distorted input signal and the oscillators,
• A ‘Twin-T’ section; a classic kick drum circuit mutated into a mysterious bass oscillator/drum/drone/filter which is influenced by the audio input.

If no audio input is connected, the circuit instead uses feedback and acts as a self-contained synth.

More info and a demo video can be found at:

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Isn'tses London, UK

Adhering only to a mythical structure, Isn'tses inflect a narrative of textured sound and auditory fullness using esoteric electronics, expanded vocals and emotional valences. Their music conjures themes such as paganism, political anger, intergalactic heroism and a playful interpretation of popular culture. An Exploration between Lisa McKendrick and Tim Drage. ... more

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